Private Label Manufacturing

1228Motorsports Inc. can make your product dreams come true. Using a hand drawing, sketch or simply an idea we can sculpt, CAD, CNC machine your product, mold it and make productions runs from 1-1000 parts. We offer full drop shipping services. We make it easy to do business. Please contact us for further details,

Hand Sculpting Plugs

CNC Plug Work

When time is of the essence, 1228Motorsports Inc. can take customer provided CAD drawings and cut a CNC plug to create a mold.

Composite Tooling

1228Motorsports Inc. uses only the highest quality materials in our composite tooling. Our mold finish quality is second to none. This is only part of why our carbon fiber and fiber glass products exceed customer and industry standards.

Hand Lay

1228Motorsports Inc. manufactures high-quality products hand laying carbon fiber and fiberglass. We use the best materials available to ensure the longest life of the product and the highest esthetic finish.


Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Method manufacturing offers the same high-quality esthetic finish as hand lay with a 30% reduction in weight, thus resulting in a stronger product.